Struggling to upload your applications file?

The Electronic Random Draw System requires uploading a csv (comma delimited) file containing four columns. These columns should be labelled “applcnt”, “id”, “zn”, and “wght”, which represents the applicant’s full name, the applicant’s South African identification number, the leopard hunting zone in which they wish to hunt, and the total area (sq km) of all adjoining properties.

Below is an example of the csv structure required:

Struggling to successfully run the draw?

Once you’ve successfully directed the system to the correct csv file, go ahead and click the “Load Applications File” button. This will automatically print the contents of the csv file to the screen so you can check for any inconsistencies.

The next step would be to click the “Run Draw” button, which will start the random draw. It’s important to note that although the draw is random, it is actaully a weighted random draw, whereby the probability of being selected is directly related to the size of the property, or properties, applicants wish to hunt on. The larger the property, the greater the probability of a successful draw.

Once the draw has completed (± 2 seconds), the results will be printed to your screen. You can download the results by simply clicking the “Download Results” button.

Below is an example of the results generated by the system:

Important: notice that even though “Jeff” had a larger property size (8,000 sq km) than “Bob” (5,000 sq km), Bob still won the draw (as the primary winner) due to the random nature of the draw. Unfortunately, even though “Jeff” had better odds of winning, it just wasn’t his day – such is the nature of a random weighted draw.